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Here is where we are at in the adoption process.  

Two Applications mailed-in and accepted

One agency fee paid.  

Thus far we have completed the following for our HomeStudy:

  • Two couple interviews
  • One individual interview
  • Financial Report
  • Copy of last years tax return
  • Fire Evacuation Plan
  • Employee Reference letter
  • FBI and State Police clearances via Fingerprinting
  • Personal references have been sent out
  • CPR Training- (tomorrow night)

We’re making progress.  Still lots to do.  And to think when we had our boys in a hospital, they simply handed us our children two days after I had them, wheeled me down to our car, and said “good luck”.  

No backround checks, no fingerprinting, no CPR classes, no determining our fitness to parent.  Just a smile and friendly goodbye by the hospital staff.  

This is a very different journey.   But SO worth the effort.  With each piece of paper we sign and hand-in to our dear social worker we are one step closer to meeting our daughter.  

Onward we go.  🙂  


Thank you, thank you!

A note of GREAT THANKS to those who have donated to our adoption thus far!  We are overwhelmed by your kind generosity and see it as God’s clear blessing on this process.  How grateful we are.  And how beautiful to see the Church, near and far, come together to support our family in this wonderful journey.  Our little girl will be so blessed to know she was loved and prayed for by so many before she was even born.  Amazing!

God is GOOD!

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