Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China

Thank you, thank you!

A note of GREAT THANKS to those who have donated to our adoption thus far!  We are overwhelmed by your kind generosity and see it as God’s clear blessing on this process.  How grateful we are.  And how beautiful to see the Church, near and far, come together to support our family in this wonderful journey.  Our little girl will be so blessed to know she was loved and prayed for by so many before she was even born.  Amazing!

God is GOOD!

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2 thoughts on “Thank you, thank you!

  1. Robert Stromberg on said:

    Praying that your journey will be exciting and a blessing for you in more ways than you can imagine.

  2. kari glalassi on said:

    Katie and Lars
    We think and pray for you often. Your baby girl will be so blessed to have parents like you!!

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