Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China


Here is where we are at in the adoption process.  

Two Applications mailed-in and accepted

One agency fee paid.  

Thus far we have completed the following for our HomeStudy:

  • Two couple interviews
  • One individual interview
  • Financial Report
  • Copy of last years tax return
  • Fire Evacuation Plan
  • Employee Reference letter
  • FBI and State Police clearances via Fingerprinting
  • Personal references have been sent out
  • CPR Training- (tomorrow night)

We’re making progress.  Still lots to do.  And to think when we had our boys in a hospital, they simply handed us our children two days after I had them, wheeled me down to our car, and said “good luck”.  

No backround checks, no fingerprinting, no CPR classes, no determining our fitness to parent.  Just a smile and friendly goodbye by the hospital staff.  

This is a very different journey.   But SO worth the effort.  With each piece of paper we sign and hand-in to our dear social worker we are one step closer to meeting our daughter.  

Onward we go.  🙂  


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