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Paperwork Progress!

To stay encouraged, and to keep all you dear friends who are following in-the-loop- here is a list of what we have accomplished so far and below that is a list of what we still need to do, including expenses because we’re trying to keep track…  Your prayer can be that we can have our dossier finished and sent in to our agency CCAI by Thanksgiving!  That’s a month earlier than I had originally planned, but after working through the details I think we can do it!!!  Pray for smooth sailing.
1- Paid first CCAI application fee ($200) and first program fee ($2250)
2- Got Fingerprinted ($116)
3- Had physicals for home study ($40)
4- Completed 12 hours of online adoption training ($245) (+$40 – MN criminal background check X2)
5- Renewed/name changed both passports and passport photos ($72)
6- Shop2Adopt Fundraiser raised $6000.  God is so GOOD!
7- Completed Home Study!!! and paid fee ($4300)
8- Collected: Police Reports (2), dossier physical exams/blood work ($40), marriage and birth certificates ($77)
    Created: Adoption Petition, financial report, employment and non-employment verification forms
9- Had nine documents notarized and certified. ($18)
10- We have raised $17,945 through  God is faithful!
We received (3) notarized copies of our Home Study in the mail last week.  Hurray!!!
Still to do:
1- Grant request to adopttogether for: ($890 for USCIS filing, $150 for training funds and $116 for fingerprinting) (DONE 10/30)
2- Photocopy of birth certificates, passport photo page and marriage certificate.
3- Send in completed I-800 A form to USCIS with supporting documents and fee to get our immigration approval.
4- Send Lars’ birth certificate to our courier in New York for authentication.
5- Re-notarize employment verification. (was done incorrectly) Tomorrow
6- Go back to Chicago to have home-study and employment verification certified, then take ALL documents to the Chinese consulate to have authenticated.  (THIS WEDNESDAY 11/7 !!!)
7- Print all family (X8) and couple photos (X3) for dossier
8- make copies of passport photos (3 each)
9- Passport Copies (2 each)
10- Grant Request to Adopttogether for 2nd CCAI fee ($2,260) and CCCWA fee ($1150)
11- SEND IN OUR DOSSIER to CCAI!!! Celebrate with the boys with dinner in Chinatown!  Can’t wait! If it happens by Thanksgiving, we could take the whole (crazy idea) Judge clan downtown with us!  HA!  We’ll see…
There it is.  Luckily lots of the To-Do list is making copies of things, easy-peasy.  🙂
We so appreciate your prayer support in this final push of paper-work!
PS- There is a good chance that our daughter is conceived at this point, so pray for her and her mother’s health.  And now I’m choked-up…. 🙂

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