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Dossier is nearly…complete!

Hi friends!  Our update this month has two bits of wonderful news.  Our dossier (the compilation of paperwork) to be sent to China is nearly complete.  We have accomplished everything we needed to short of our immigration approval.  That is the one remaining document from the US department of Homeland Security giving us official approval to adopt a child from China.  This last step may take a couple more months to complete as things tend to move slowly with immigration services.  But, let’s pray it does not move slowly.  🙂

We are thrilled to be at this step in the journey.  Our ‘work’ is complete.  And now it’s just waiting.

Another bit of wonderful news is that while my sister Emily was here over Thanksgiving she read through the initial paperwork we were given by our agency (the agency she used to work for in Denver).  As she read, she turned to me and said, “Katie, you guys are much further along in this process than you think!”  What!?!?!  It turns out that because we are adopting a child with minor correctible special needs our wait time-line actually began back in May when we turned in what is termed a Medical Conditions Checklist.  A list of all the medical conditions we would be willing to accept.  So, it turns out we have already completed six months of our ‘wait’.  I remember reading that initial paperwork back in April when our journey officially began, but I guess this very important fact slipped my mind.  Or it was an answer to Quinn’s nightly prayer that, “It would feel like the time goes quickly until we get our baby.”  Either way, we are so excited.  This means that once our dossier is officially logged-in in China in what I think might be February, we could get a call anytime.  Likely anytime between February and next Christmas.  Of course we are aware things can always change in the world of adoption… but we are cautiously optimistic.

After a collective “Hurray!” upon learning (or re-learning) this nice bump in our time-line to meeting our daughter, Emily said, “You better go buy that paint for the nursery!”  And maybe I will.  🙂  The time-line change also means, that it is likely she is already born.  Of course we can’t know, but please pray that if she is born, she might be healthy and cared for.  And to be specific, because I fully believe that God is in the details, pray that whomever does care for her once she is born would hold her, allowing her to feel loved and attached.  The demands on orphanage workers does not often allow them time to actually hold each child in their care.  So please pray that God will overcome this somehow, and that our little one would receive some intentional loving care.

Again we trust that God is able, and He hears our prayers.

Thanks to all for your loving support.  We’ll keep you updated along the way.

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