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Prayers & Waiting

So, I finally started painting in the nursery…  I have had a mental block about starting that project, feeling a bit lost lately in what I have dubbed ‘the silent period’.  The paperwork is done, the finances are raised (praise God) and there is nothing more for us to do, all is quiet…and we wait.

I finally admitted to my Tuesday morning women’s study that it’s getting hard.  The waiting.  We are officially a year in.  Not long compared to some waiting adoptive parents.  But, it feels long.  A pregnancy would have come to fruition in this amount of time.  Our decision to adopt began with asking God to give us a name for our daughter, and he did one year ago this week (spoiler alert…we’re keeping the name to ourselves until we get her referral picture).

We have been praying for our precious daughter by name for a year.  She has existed in our hearts and minds for a year, and we’re ready to meet her.  I fell asleep a few nights ago thinking about having a spunky little girl with sweet black pigtails, running around our house.  I know right where her crib will go in her room and I imagined what it will be like to walk in to see her sweet little face and messy hair when she wakes up from a nap.  I imagine how very in-love I will feel, as I do with my boys.  I’m so ready to know who this little one will be.

Pray us on.  Pray for patience in the waiting, and then please pray that the waiting will not be long. That the phone call will come soon.  Lars reminds me to pray for the call to come in God’s good timing.   And I do pray for this.  But who knows, maybe that perfect timing will be this week, tomorrow even, so why not pray for that?   🙂

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