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The journey to our little girl in China

Prayers from the blue chair

In our first days as mother and father we received a special gift.  It was a blue chair.  Not just any chair, but a nursery chair.  One for rocking sleepy babies and nursing babies in the wee hours of the night.  A wonderfully comfortable chair with a padded ottoman that silently glides back and forth lulling both parent and child to sleep.  Eventually it became a reading chair.  My Book of First Words and Goodnight Moon, and The Big Red Barn were read over and over to our sweet toddlers on their way to dreamland.

Both our boys enjoyed the blue chair as did Lars and I.  And then for a season much longer than we could have anticipated, the chair went unused.  It was eventually taken apart and put into basement storage.  I would think of the chair every time I went down to do the laundry and wonder when it would be used again.  How long would it be?

Well I can happily say that the chair has found a new home and unexpected purpose.  A few weeks back I finally finished painting the nursery walls a soft blue.  And bit by bit the nursery is coming together.  The crib was wiped down and set up.  The dresser put into place.  The bookshelf fixed and then came the chair.  The blue chair found a new home in the corner of the nursery.

We know we may be months away from welcoming our daughter to her new home.  But the blue chair is ready and until we are able to rock our daughter in this sweet chair I have made a practice of sitting in it and praying for her.  Lars has often come home to find me sitting in the blue chair praying for our daughter across the world.

And although the nursery is not finished, there are curtains to be sewn, shelves to be put up, and details to finish, the reality of our daughter is feeling closer.  Closer by way of a beautiful Asian baby-doll gifted from a dear friend, a precious Jade bracelet rediscovered after many years, and a sweet little sun-suit given by a sister.

We hope to learn of our daughter soon, the phone call could be any day…  But until it comes I will enjoy the evening moments I spend in the blue chair praying for the little girl I will one day know.  And my prayer over the last few months has been a simple one.  I ask Jesus to hold her.  By way of a nanny at the orphanage, or a foster parent, or simply as she lays in her little crib.  Jesus hold her close, may she feel embraced by you.

How thankful I am to have my blue chair back again.  And how thankful I am for it’s purpose in the waiting.

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One thought on “Prayers from the blue chair

  1. Vernadene Tolman on said:

    I love the story of the blue chair and enjoyed the slide show, too. We are all praying for you and I know the wait is very hard.

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