Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China

China Here We Come!

After a whirl-wind Christmas season that included all my family in town, multiple live-nativity Christmas Eve services, A great Christmas Day with Family, A memorial service to celebrate the life of my Grandpa Peterson, my Birthday, Tea at the American Girl Doll store, and a lovely day at Cov. Harbor with friends, the email came through.  It was THE email.  The ‘you can go to China and bring home your daughter’ email.  I was in a store with some girlfriends, and hadn’t checked my phone in at least…5 minutes.  And then there it was on the screen.

CCAI- Travel Approvals Received- Please Read & Respond!

I stood in the store, trying to read, as I was shaking!  I cried.  (of course) And then called Lars back at camp.  I woke him from a much needed post-holiday nap, he was thrilled!  We saw there were two options for when to leave Option 1 -January 8th And Option 2 – January 15th, depending on when they could schedule our consulate appt. Lars said, “Option 1!”

I replied to CCAI’s  email, “Yes! Option 1!!!”  That’s literally all I wrote.  So flustered.

We got back to camp and told the boys.  We were all giddy!  Albin said, “Mom, I feel a thing in my throat.  Like I want to laugh or cry or sumpin’.  Maybe it’s God working in my heart because I’m so excited about Lydia.”  Yep, Alby, it’s called, “getting choked-up”.  Too precious!  We had a lovely night with the kids and our friends playing games and having great conversation.  We got up the next morning, ate some breakfast and got on the road home.  Just as we were headed to Walmart, (to buy a changing table pad for Liddy) we got another email.  This one said,

Consulate Appointment Confirmation!

AHHHHH!  It was official.  We would leave the 8th, meet Lydia on the 13th, have our consulate appt on the 23rd and return home the 26th.  Wow.  This was really happening.  We went into Walmart, I found the changing pad I wanted…and some bottles, and some cups, and spoons, and, and, and….  Oh, my goodness!  I responded to CCAI and our courier for Lars’ visa, which we had to wait to submit because of his occupation…   I called family and our travel agency.

The rest of the day was a flurry of phone calls and emails and finally in the late afternoon, the tickets were booked.

This is happening! God is so good!  We are coming Lydia, Mommy and Daddy are coming!

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5 thoughts on “China Here We Come!

  1. Stephanie Frees on said:

    I read your prayer request email – and got all choked up! Albin described it perfectly! We are so thrilled that you will finally get to hold your precious daughter in your arms. Prays going up now!

  2. Judy Stromberg on said:

    Welcome home sweet granddaughter! And may this be the journey of a
    lifetime for the two of you, Lars and Katie … thanks be to God for this good and perfect gift – to all of us!

  3. Deborah Allen on said:

    YEEEEEHHHH! Can’t wait to meet her! Deborah


    • Vernadene Tolman on said:

      God bless you and your family. I am so thrilled for you all! Our prayers go with you on the trip. I can hardly wait to meet her.

  4. courtney on said:

    Love Albins response! Hoping to make it down to meet her right away! Prayers for your journey.

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