Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China

To try or not to try?

Good Saturday morning from Beijing. This is Lars.

Last night, we had the opportunity to stroll the night market just blocks from our hotel. This market consists of a long block of food vendor set up under canopies with steaming grills and hot pots and skewers of raw food waiting to be cooked. Oh sure, there is chicken, pork, Peking duck, fruit and some sweets as well. But that’s not really why you go to this night market. You go for the scorpions, snakes, eels, spiders, sea urchins, and unmentionable animal parts on a stick.

Most of you know me as an adventurous eater with a deep respect for food and it’s role in culture. Over breakfast last morning, I was asked by a fellow adopter, So you’re going to be a daring eater right?. I answered Absolutely. In my adult life, I’ve hardly ever turned down food served to me, no matter how unappealing, and when visiting another culture the idea of eating at McDonalds makes me feel like an ugly American (though I’ll bend on Starbucks). So when this gentlemen John order two scorpions on a stick popped one in his mouth and offered me the other I was conflicted. It is clear that much of the market is tourist driven, locals don’t eat here. It’s more novelty than anything else. And I was imagining how happy Katie would be if I was retching the next two days because I ate dirty China street food. I declined. John ate the other. He’s the man. White flag.

Trying new things is a value to me, one that I desperately want to pass on to our children. An adventurous spirit is a beautiful thing. Well, some might say that this whole adoption is a crazy thing to try, something that will upset everything in life, something that has incredible unknowns, something that is so very foreign to the norm of life. Well, they would be right, but Katie and I have parents who taught us adventure, abandon, and radical obedience to God’s movement in their life. Katie’s family sold the house and moved to Africa because God had put it on their heart. My parents took new moves and jobs without assurances of success because they felt led. So here we are, carrying on a legacy that we pray will define generations of Stromberg’s as well.

We are certainly trying something new, and in order to be fully present for this crazy adventure, I’ll pass on the scorpion.



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3 thoughts on “To try or not to try?

  1. Nate stromberg on said:

    Leave it to you, dear brother, to craft such an eloquently written excuse. Im so disappointed. You just missed out on a golden opportunity to play Andrew Zimmern at every family gathering for the next 40 years. You also missed out on even more of my abundant love and respect-

  2. Jean and Bill Bristow on said:

    we would say no to a scorpion as well Lars. was Katy willing to try??
    Bill and Jean Bristow.

  3. Vernadene Tolman on said:

    Like Lars, I am eager to try any new food; however after seeing these scorpions I think I would have passed also.

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