Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China

On to Zhengzhou

Lars here. Apologies for the delay in posts. We’ve been traveling, searching for internet connections, and planning for our big day tomorrow.

After an awesome (and wicked spicy) hot pot dinner last night we finally had a reasonably normal night of sleep for the first time on the trip. We packed our bags from the days of being tourists in Beijing and set our sights toward the real reason for our visit. We said good bye to our dear hosts in Beijing – our tour guide Alice and our CCAI host Cecelia. We’re very thankful for them.


We flew from Beijing to Zhengzhou, another big city but not as flashy. After meeting our new hosts and settling in to to our new hotel, we traveled to Walmart (yes, Walmart) to get some final needed supplies. After one more meal, our 6 couples headed back to get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

And of course, my sweet wife created a beautiful space in our room for dear Lydia. In about 12 hours, she will be in our arms, and we can’t wait. We look forward to sharing photos and video tomorrow of the big day. Thanks for the constant prayer. We feel it!


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3 thoughts on “On to Zhengzhou

  1. Bob Stromberg on said:

    Oh you guys we are so excited. Overcome really with the blessing in these days ahead. Experience EVERY minute of this beginning. Can hardly wait to see pictures tomorrow. Praying for you continually.

  2. Charter on said:


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  3. Stephanie Vining on said:

    I am beyond thrilled for y’all!! I canNOT wait to see your first family photos. I know there will be so many tears of joy and thanksgiving. We will all be crying with you!! I’m sure you’re not sleeping great due to all the excitement, but I’ll be praying for you tomorrow 🙂 ps – y’all are great funny writers!!
    (I’m a friend of Emily’s)

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