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The journey to our little girl in China

“Getting to Know You”

Katie Here:
Boys, I hope this post will help you get to know your sister, even before you meet her.
The day we arrived in Zhengzhou, right after we hopped on the bus to our hotel, the CCAI Representative Rita, gave us an “update”on our children. Here it is.



This was helpful in learning a bit more about Lydia’s daily routine, personality, etc. But here’s what we have learned about Lydia in the four days we’ve been together.

Food Likes:
Crackers, especially rice crackers. (Good thing our town has an Asian Food Market!)
Scrambled Eggs
Rice porridge
Puffs (Sweet Potato especially)
GoldFish Crackers
Multi-grain Cheerios
baby food (we brought those little squeezy-food packets and she loves them)

Food Dislikes:
cold fruit
cold drinks
cold anything… If it’s not lukewarm or warm, she doesn’t want it. Unless it’s a cracker.

The ‘update’ report we got was right-on. Lydia DanQing is lively. She is very active, maybe our most active kid yet. Hard to tell, because she has been exploring a whole new world of freedom in the last four days. So perhaps, she will slow down eventually… Perhaps. πŸ™‚ Lydia is sweet as pie. She is indeed very smiley and very affectionate. She loves, loves, loves, to be held. She wants to be picked up all the time, and when you do, the look on her face is priceless. She is thrilled that someone is holding her. She is affectionate to most anyone, which we will have to work on, per all the attachment books I read. Although, when a random woman tried to pick her up in a store today, she did lean back into Lars, rather than put her arms out, so that’s progress. She laughs easy and loves to play. Lydia loves to share her food. She has fed me about as many cheerios as she has fed herself. She offers toys to other children, and pats smaller children on the head nicely. If she is over-tired, she gets fiesty! But once she is asleep, she is out. She is also very clever. She knows where things belong and puts things away. She is great with fine- motor skills. She likes stacking cups and climbing and just today learned how to get down off the bed. Bummer. πŸ™‚ She also makes some awesome faces, where she crinkles up her nose and she knows she is being funny. We can’t wait to see how you boys make her laugh. It will be so fun!

What’s new to Lydia?:
-Stairs. She is doing pretty well, but she’s a bit over-confident.
-Stroller riding. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes, she hates it.
-Riding in Cars. We learned that Lydia gets car-sick. Yesterday on the way to the temple we visited, Lydia threw-up everywhere. She was riding in the ergo carrier facing backwards, and had done fine the day before. But after I handed her back to Lars for a change of scenery she promptly threw-up big-time. Soaked her outfit and Lars’ pants… After riding the rest of the way in just my scarf (should there be more coming…) I did bring a change of clothes and we did okay. So, now makes two of my three kids who get car-sick. Good thing her car-seat is up with yours, Quinn. You can show her how to look straight ahead to the road. Stay strong Albin. πŸ™‚



-Not being bundled up in many layers every day. She has seemed to love being unencumbered by clothing.
-Being kissed so much. It’s clear that she isn’t sure what to make of all the kisses on the top of her head when she’s in the Ergo carrier, and kisses in general. But, how can we not!?! Those chubby cheeks!
-soft toys, and blankets. She isn’t sure what to do with the little dolly-blanket and other blankets we have brought with us. They don’t have blankets in the orphanage and certainly not individual little blankys. We’ll see if she warms up to them.
-Going to sleep without 19 other roommates. The whole going-to-bed process is really hard for her. She fights it. She fusses and cries and tries to get you to play and rolls over and cries some more. She gets rather frantic. Honestly boys, we don’t know what to make of it. Rubbing her back does not help, nor does patting her back. We have tried walking with her, swaying, bouncing. Nothing is really working, but we will figure it out, Daddy and I. We have found that if we lay with her on the bed and hold her hand, while pretending to be asleep, she will eventually calm. But it takes a lot of time, and she likes to grab your nose, which makes it hard to pretend you are sleeping. πŸ™‚ So, we will all need to be really patient as she learns to go to bed in her own room, eventually. I’m hoping we can teach her to like her crib and her room, by spending good time in there with her. And Alby, Daddy and I thought of your nightly prayer for ‘no bad dreams’ and we’d love for you to pray that for her too. Thanks honey.

Hmm… what else. She loves other kids. She loves watching the two older boys, ages 5 and 7, on our trip. So, she will LOVE having two big brothers! We have shown her your videos and she always tries to touch the screen when you sing to her. So sweet.

Daddy and I are really missing you boys. We are ready to be home and be a family. Lydia is a joy and we are so excited for you to get to know her. We know you will love her and she will love you! What fun it will be for you to have a little sister!










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10 thoughts on ““Getting to Know You”

  1. Jean Bristow on said:


  2. So much fun to read…we are getting to know Lydia….from this distance…thank you…you are helping us so much…we love her more every day…if that’s possible….so you’re getting an active one. Love it.
    Love from her Mormor and Papa

  3. YAY! One of my favorite posts yet! So fun to get to know her a little bit. The Adidas outfit is amazing. I CAN’T WAIT to see active Lydia and active Hannah and active Micah together πŸ™‚ Watch out for those 2012 babies πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy Guangzhou and strolling on Shamian island!

  4. Eileen Thomas on said:

    I am so pleased to be one of the many prayer warriors praying for your safe return home. Your journaling has been like a devotional each day for me….so excited to see God’s hand in each part of this journey. Looking forward to meeting your precious little girl. Praying for her brother’s as well as the Lord prepares their hearts to be big brothers! :0)

  5. Judy Stromberg on said:

    This is Quinn….” I am so amazed that she is a thumb-sucker and a thrower-upper just like me! I am so excited to see you, Lydia and Mom and Dad! Is her favorite food crackers or bread?”
    This is Albin… “For all my prayers, this is the best one! And I can’t believe that Liddy actually fits in that jogging suit! I can’t wait until she comes home cause mostly I think she’ll try to squint my nose. And this has been a really good time seeing pictures and the one with the bow is the best!”

    Lots of love awaits!

  6. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I can hardly wait to see you all together, as one family, with Quinn and Albin, too!! God bless you, Lars and Katie, as you continue to bond with Lydia and as her brothers continue to communicate with you, too! Amazing times are ahead! God bless you all!!

  7. Vernadene on said:

    Love all of these pictures. I know your boys can hardly wait for you to get home and they can meet her.

  8. I didn’t think it was possible to love you more! Thank you so much for the wonderful posts – we are honored to get a glimpse into this amazing experience!

  9. Tammy- Colby's cousin on said:

    I assumes Colby & Courtney told you that in 2009 our 4 year journey ended when we picked up our daughter mei lynn ( Lynn after Courtney & Colby’s mom) . Once lidia is settled and comfy I would love to come visit you and have you meet our daughter. See was 8 when we brought her home and has a vast amount of memories from orphanage life to which you may be interested in. Mei was also in the half the sky program and we also got pages of treasures to her past. You now have our email and when you are ready we would love to meet you and would live for you to meet mei. Charisma and write down every moment In this next year full of wonderous firsts! Tammy

  10. I love seeing the pictures of your special trip – especially the ones of precious Lydia. I also love reading your posts to get a feeling of what you are going through in the adoption process and how Lydia is reacting. Can’t wait to see Lydia in person and give her a big HUG. Safe journeys the rest of your trip. We are in Florida and are enjoying seeing Jim and Michelle Scott. We will be home the beginning of Feb. God Bless.
    Sue coons

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