Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China


We are home. (insert Hallelujah chorus here)

The end of our journey was fairly smooth, or as smooth as it can be with a 21 month old on a plane for nearly 15 hours. We left from Hong Kong, ever so thankful for our last minute decision to purchase a seat for Lydia and there we sat three ducks in a row. Lars and I so aware of all that was about to change. We would be a family of five. Lydia would be meeting her two brothers, her grandparents, one great-grandmother and dear friend of mommy’s at the airport in a ‘mere’ 🙂 15 hours. Lydia DanQing Stromberg would become an American citizen once her feet touched the ground in 15 hours. So much was about to happen for Lydia and there she sat in between Lars and I totally unaware. Beautiful.

The flight consisted of Lydia looking at a great board book, lengthy games of ‘moving cheerios’ between various cups, fitful sleeping, some tears and one good 1.5 hour nap. It was a LONG flight. On a flight that long, watching the map screen on the seat back in front of you, go from ’15 hours’ to ’12 hours’ to ‘9 hours to destination’ gives no satisfaction. It’s just a long time to be off the ground any way you slice it. Lydia did great. Honestly, she was awesome, and she didn’t even kick the seat in front of her. Wow.

The only hiccup came during the landing, when her stomach got the best of her and she threw-up a couple times. Poor kid. We were prepared with zip-lock bags and came away with no damage to us or her sweet little dress. But she arrived in America exhausted and pale. 🙂 But hey, so did I and I didn’t even puke.

We got off the plane, glided effortlessly through customs. And then it was time to present our ‘sealed brown envelope’ to immigration. This was the final document of the adoption. We stood at the counter, handed the envelope to the officer, he looked at Lydia, said congratulations and Lydia promptly threw-up…in my hands. And there it was, a somehow appropriate response to the events of the day, and a bumpy landing. A long plane-ride, citizenship, meeting your family for the first time. I would throw-up too.

We left immigration and walked through the doors. And there was the crew. Both sets of parents, my Grandma Peterson and dear friend Courtney with baby Joy in-tow, and two sisters on FaceTime. It was wonderful. Lydia, fresh from a sick stomach was a little apprehensive, but did so well meeting her brothers for the first time. Lars and I hugged them first and then they met Lydia.












And there was much rejoicing! And then we got in the car, the five of us, a family. Lydia had never been in a car-seat and cried for part of the way home, and then we came home to this.

An awesome welcome from our church family. All the people who prayed for and supported us through this long journey. Their messages are precious and we felt so loved. Not to mention the boys and Grandma and Boompa had decorated the house for Lydia’s arrival.






The rest of the day was spent letting Lydia explore the house. To think, she had never been in a house. Never climbed stairs. Never seen a fridge, a dishwasher, a fireplace. She walked around, content to look and wander, occasionally making sure Lars and I were close by.







Lydia seemed content and surely tired as she played and explored the house. But truly, it just felt good and even somehow ‘normal’ to see her walking around and playing with blocks and her brothers’ match-box cars. Like, of course, it’s just as it should be. And I know Jesus agrees. After all, this was the story He chose to re-write for her life. This was His idea, not ours. This is His working faithfulness. And He was smiling yesterday. Smiling because all is as it should be. Lydia was rocked to sleep in the ‘blue chair’, she ate dinner with her brothers and grandparents, she has clean clothes and a warm house and toys to play with, she is safe and treasured and so deeply, deeply loved.
And as I think on the last 24 hours, my eyes fill with tears, because Jesus is smiling on little Lydia DanQing Stromberg who is finally and forever home.


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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Eileen Thomas on said:

    I am thrilled to hear that you are home safely! Each and every entry and picture you have shared I have treasured in my heart and been praying. As you settle into your cozy beds this evening I like to think of our Covenant prayer that I know your boys no doubt remember and soon enough sweet Lydia will learn :0)
    God is near,
    I have no fear,
    Peace and quiet,
    Hover near.

  2. Finally and forever. Beautiful post. And JUST WAIT until she meets her Aunt Emily and Aunt Jenny! Good thing we weren’t there yesterday, that would have been way too overwhelming…how much love can one little girl take 🙂 Love you!

  3. Katie, I LOVE reading these updates. I am so happy for your family and it’s so precious to watch her little face experiencing all the new tows and appliances for the first time. It just all hits home while I’m here on the other side of adoption in Haiti. A family just went home this morning with two little new additions to their family soon to experience all that you have! You guys are in my prayers and good luck as life begins to change for you and the family! Love you both 🙂

  4. Carolyn Peterson on said:
  5. Vernadene on said:

    Welcome Home! You have been missed. I didn’t know anything about the sign the church had with signatures but I’ve certainly been praying for you the entire time and add my “Welcome home Lydia” as well. Very eager to see all of you in church.

  6. Sue McGrath on said:

    THANK you for SHARING… your experience, your daughter, your family. We are so grateful that you are all home safely. LOVE the boys’ smiles!!

  7. Ott Johnson on said:

    Much happiness to you all, and your “FAMILY OF FIVE” Little Lydia and her two BigBrothers are beautiful

  8. After I read the blog and saw the home arrival pictures I started to cry a bit. Wow what an experience and thank you for sharing with us. Can’t wait to meet Lydia…how beautiful she is
    Dede & Tom

  9. Katie Zey on said:

    Dave and I are rejoicing for all of you! Welcome home, beautiful Lydia! May God richly bless you as you make these adjustments to a family of five and get to know one another! ❤

  10. Sue Coons on said:

    I was very touched as I read your homecoming blog. Yes, it is as it should be and Lydia seems to fit in very well. How precious – she is a lucky little girl and she will come to realize this as she gets older. You have worked hard to help Lydia transition to a new country and a new family. God bless you as you help Lydia learn about Jesus and His love. “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world”. I am right there cheering you on. Blessings.

  11. hi, i like how your daddy and sons play with Lydia, and your topic looks interesting” why china?’ , my story is i was born in tainan, taiwan, parents came to taiwan becuz of war about 50 years ago, and i dont speak taiwanese very well, it Was when i was in a history-class/ one of my taiwanese prof expressed dislike toward so-called mainland-china chinese persons(KMT governers or military), after that semester did i realise that the historybook never tell primary sch/ highsch students about some of the murders/attacks 60 years ago in taiwan.. / and i tried to find love / better solutions that promote peace ( no matter inner or not, in the news..) , for i learned about catastrophes and wars , a couple of religions , and the views about selflessness, or be mindful. and finally, how’s Lydia? what does the doctor decide in the near future?

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