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The journey to our little girl in China


This Summer has been the Summer of firsts for little Lydia.  Between camp, a week at Mormor and Papa’s, and regular Summer days at home Lydia’s Summer has been full of firsts.  First dish of chocolate ice cream, first fireworks show, first visit to a Northwoods lake, first time feeling sand between her toes, first time on a slip n slide, first taste of fresh peaches, first encounter with farm animals, first taste of cotton candy, first visit to a county fair, first time on Papa’s swing, first time driving with the windows down, first swim in a pool, first campfire, first s’more, first twirl in a pretty Summer dress.

The whole family, extended family and all have been soaking up these precious firsts as we watch Lydia.  And we have marveled at her response to all of them.  With the exception of fresh peaches, which she didn’t care for, her response has been the same to each ‘first’ experience.  She simply puts her little hands together and makes the sign for ‘more’.  She does it over and over.  She can’t get enough of each new thing she experiences.  She wants more ice cream, more fireworks, more running, more rides, more swims, more jumps, more sand between her toes.  She is loving life.  She is taking it in, soaking it up and she can’t seem to get enough.

When I think of all that has changed in her life over the last six months I am overwhelmed.  Her response reminds me of  the movie The Wizard of Oz, when the door to Dorothy’s house opens upon landing in Oz and suddenly her world becomes a technicolor dream. Bright and vivid and overwhelming in the best way.

Today I took the kids to the pool and for the first time, Liddy let me take her into the deeper water.  She finally relaxed, stopped clinging to me and just let me hold her loosely so she could feel the water.   And then I watched something click in her little mind.  And she jumped off the edge to me over and over.  Signing “more!” after each jump with a huge smile on her face.  She wanted to play, to enjoy, to splash. She wanted me to hold her on her belly, she even learned to kick.  It was a beautiful first.

And as I watch Lydia I am reminded to experience life the way she does.  To delight in ice cream and sand between my toes, to marvel at the feathers on a rooster and the stickiness of cotton candy, to take it all in and enjoy every moment for the gift that it is.  How sweet and sweetly profound to watch this little girl discover the world.



First dig in the sand


First chocolate ice cream


First ‘chocolate ice cream coma’ 🙂


First 4th of July


First backyard water table fun!


First campfire!


First cotton candy


First rooster siting!


First pig! 🙂


First County Fair!


First twirl in this pretty Summer dress- she was so proud.



First pose for a picture. J/K – we just happened to catch her looking the right direction. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Deborah Allen on said:


  2. Alyce Hawkinson on said:

    This is beautiful writing and I love the pictures of this little “Chinese Doll”!

  3. Kirsten Peterson on said:

    I love the little red sweater and matching red shoes in the last picture.

  4. And now first Judge family vacation, first canoe ride, first bike cart ride, first cherry picking…love that girl…so happy to get to experience a few more of her firsts 🙂

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