Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China

Gotcha Day 2015

One year ago today, a little girl in China woke up in the wee hours of the morning, traveled by taxi and train to her province’s capital city, and then walked into our arms. And just like that ūüėČ little DanQing became Lydia DanQing Stromberg and made our dream a reality by becoming our daughter. ¬†We believe as we did every step of the adoption journey, every moment of the waiting, that God hand-picked Lydia for our family. ¬†And what a good match-maker He is.

It is with intense joy that we remember the day Lydia became our daughter and we her parents.  The day we met we were very immediately in-love, but we had so much to learn about this little person, she was a little mystery unfolding each day.  A year later here are the things we know about our daughter.

Lydia is smart. ¬†She is inquisitive and bright. ¬†She is unafraid (except for dogs…) ¬†She will try new things. ¬†She is incredibly independent. ¬†She is willful. ¬†She is very affectionate. ¬†Very trusting. Very responsive. ¬†Very capable. She loves music. ¬†She loves wrestling with her brothers. ¬†She loves snuggling and reading. ¬†She LOVES her baby named ‘baby’. ¬†She loves going to church. ¬†She loves running. ¬†She loves climbing. ¬†She loves people. ¬†She is funny. ¬†She is playful. ¬†She is tender and feisty all wrapped up together. ¬†She is a joy! ¬†And somehow, though she was born half a world away, she is ours. ¬†Our beloved daughter and treasured sister, grand, great-grand-daughter, niece and cousin.

Lydia has changed our family’s world in every good way and we are overwhelmed at the gift that she is. ¬†Tomorrow evening we will celebrate with a big party, but today we will quietly remember the firsts we had with Lydia that first day. ¬†First hug, kiss, and meal. First bath, bottle, first nap holding tightly to my finger. ¬†First time Daddy made her laugh. ¬†First books we read to her. Oh, how we love this little girl. ¬†Happy Gotcha Day Lydia DanQing!

Please visit my Facebook page to view the video of us meeting Lydia for the first time.

20140114-065527.jpg 20140114-065601.jpg 20140114-065859.jpg 20140114-070325.jpg 20140114-070144.jpg

20140114-071755.jpg 20140114-082147.jpg 20140124-212251.jpg

One year later



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3 thoughts on “Gotcha Day 2015

  1. Love love love you sweet girl! Happy Gotcha Day! Thank you for changing so many lives by just being you.

  2. Eileen Thomas on said:

    Sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read about your precious little girl. Happy Gotcha Day!

  3. Kristin on said:

    Beautiful girl, lovely 1st year story w so much love!!!

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