Stromberg's Adoption Dream

The journey to our little girl in China

Support Our Adoption

We invite you to support our adoption in two important ways.

First we ask for your support in prayer.  We have used the word ‘journey’ many times throughout this blogsite, because we are very aware this is going to be a LONG process, a true journey.  Very potentially two years at least.

We ask for your prayer support for:

  • Stamina! 🙂  We have mounds of paper-work to complete, and then many months of waiting.
  • Favor with the Chinese government and all processes therein
  • Clarity for our agency as they determine what child with what specific medical conditions to match us with.  No easy task.
  • And lastly, we ask that you pray for both our daughter and her birth parents.  We don’t know if our daughter is even conceived yet, but inevitably she will be born and her mother will, for many reasons we’re sure, have to make the difficult decision to give her up.  We ask that you pray the birth mother would feel deeply comforted by God himself, and that our daughter would know she is beloved.  We believe the Holy Spirit can act in these unseen, but deeply felt ways.  Please pray with us.

Secondly we ask that you consider supporting our adoption through giving.

We plan to fund our adoption through  3 different avenues:

1.  The first being our own personal financial commitment as a couple to save all we can in order to contribute towards our adoption expenses.

2.  Secondly we are looking into applying for grant money from Steven Curtis Chapman’s organization

3.  And thirdly we invite anyone who has learned our story to help by donating directly to our adoption fund.  With the cost being upwards of  $28,000  we know we need the support of friends and family to help bring us to our little girl in China.  So we ask that you might prayerfully consider helping our adoption dream come true through giving.

We are raising our funds through the organization , a non-profit that allows for tax-deductible giving.  

Two options for giving include:

  • Donating online to our fund at AdoptTogether by clicking on the link below


  • Sending a contribution by check directly to AdoptTogether.
  • To do this just make your check payable to AdoptTogether and put Stromberg on the envelope and in the memo.
  • Mail to:

AdoptTogether (Stromberg)
251 W. Central Ave #278
Springboro, OH 45066

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and encouragement.  

We are blessed to know we do not journey alone.  

One thought on “Support Our Adoption

  1. Hello! Our common friend Jodie Tallman directed me to your site to look at your wording for support. I LOVE how you set up the prayer requests, and am wondering if you would mind if I used similar wording for our support information. I especially love the prayer that your daughter will know she is beloved. I’m excited to see how God completes the journey to your daughter! Many blessings. Adrea Tilford

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